Must Email Marc Knutila to start receiving the scholarships:

There are limited scholarship spots available in our classes.

I really want everyone who wants to learn and play tennis to be able to do so. Don’t let money be the reason to not take the classes!


​Springs Tennis Non-Profit Corp is in partnership with the USTA Foundation and USTA Colorado SERVES. Both of those non-profit organizations focus on under-privileged children and getting them learning and playing tennis. Both provide grant funding to Springs Tennis Non-Profit Corp to allow these children to receive scholarships to our program. We are beyond grateful to both organizations for their continued support of Colorado Springs children!

​Springs Tennis NJTL (National Junior Tennis and Learning)

We are partnered with the USTA Foundation as an official NJTL provider. We are one of four providers in the state of Colorado and the only provider in Colorado Springs. 

If interested in scholarships - Reach out!

If you receive free lunches through your school district, you are now eligible to get a scholarship for our programs! Please open the flyer and follow the steps!

All I need is a copy of your free lunch voucher from the school district. You can email me the voucher. It’s super easy. No stress. We provide tennis rackets for the children, so you don’t need to spend ANY money on supplies. You just show up!

The scholarship is for 50% the cost of any of our tennis classes.

**NEW** Youth Tennis Scholarships

​Youth Tennis Scholarships