What programs do you offer?


USTA Adult Leagues.

We have leagues for men and women. All ratings have a place. 

Overview of Adult Programs


Programs Offered

Adult Beginner Drills.

These have started! We'll do one beginner drill a week. Email Marc@SpringsTennis.com to get on that specific email list!



USTA Adult League teams run all through the summer!  If those are something you're interested in, PLEASE email Marc ASAP (Marc@SpringsTennis.com)


The Meetup group has just started!   Once the meetups start, there is one meetup a week held through October. I divide up the courts based on level, and you just get to go out and play for fun! For any skill level from beginner to advanced!


Adult drills have started as well! The email blast will notify you when they are being held each week. Both morning and nighttime drills offered. You just reply to the email to get on any list!

Get on the adult email blast, where you can register for everything: Marc@SpringsTennis.com




Adult programs have started!

Just get on the adult email blast and start playing with us! 



By sending your email, you'll start receive updates, which outlines all programs!

You just reply to that email to get set up with anything that's being offered! No pressure! 

Adult Programs

Adult Drills.

Weekly Drills are held at Memorial Park and John Venezia Park. Both morning and nighttime drills have started! Get on the email blast!


(719) 385-6023

The Meetup Group, Adult drills, and USTA Adult League teams have all started! Email Marc@SpringsTennis.com if you're interested in any of those programs!

We offer a wide variety of programs similar to clubs - at an affordable price! Adult programs are run at Memorial Park and John Venezia Park. No membership required!

Simply email Director of Tennis, Marc Knutila at: Marc@SpringsTennis.com to get your email on the adult email blast. You'll be kept up to date on everything for 2019. Doesn't commit you to anything! Just gets you all information of adult programming.


Join our Meetup Group! We meet once a week to play matches. Start in March - end in October. Great way to play and meetup new people!