Junior Programs at Memorial Park

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Classes for ages 5 thru 17 at 2 locations. No experience required. Classes for all ages and abilities. Rackets provided if you don't have one.

Click on location (Memorial Park or John Venezia Park) to register and get more information on details, class times, etc.


Class A (Beginner level- Young children): 9 am - 9:45 am
Class B (Beginner/ Intermediate Level):  10 am - 11 am
Class C (Intermediate):
11:15 am - 12:15 pm
​Class D (Advanced) 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

**As has always been the case – these times and class descriptions are fluid. Ultimately, I make sure each child is placed in the appropriate class based on the kids that have registered. You’ll be notified of class times prior to the beginning of the groups.


​(719) 385-6023

2021 Junior Tennis is FINALLY HERE!

Ages 5 - 17. No experience is required. We have classes for everyone! Tennis rackets are provided if needed.

All of our classes are designed to teach children the fundamentals of tennis! We teach in a fun, safe, no-pressure environment focusing on kids learning how to play tennis and have FUN!

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FALL 2021 Classes


Classes and Times

Pick the classes from one of these:​​

- Yth Fall Tennis Saturday & Sunday Jr Group 1 or 2 - Memorial
- Yth Fall Tennis Saturday Jr Group 1 or 2 - Memorial


How to Register - Less than 5 Minutes!

Memorial Park FALL WEEKEND


Saturday ONLY
Group 1SaturdaySept. 11thOct. 2nd4$80
Group 2SaturdayOct. 9thOct. 23rd3$60

Saturday AND Sunday


Group 1Sat/SunSept. 11thOct. 3rd8$135
Group 2Sat/SunOct. 9thOct. 24th6$105



(719) 385-6023

  • ​​​Classes have started. Can still register by emailing: Marc@SpringsTennis.com
  • ​​We will be doing at max 6:1 – Coach to kid ratio on each court in the summer. This is in order to be able to maintain social distancing and be safe. Because of the smaller number in each group, we raised the price per class slightly. However, kids will now enjoy more personalized classes with their coach, as well as the necessary safety measures that need to be taken!​​​
  • ​Price per class is lowered for the Saturday & Sunday groups! Better deal and more tennis for the kids!
  • ​For BOTH Groups we will do makeups on October 30th and October 31st. (*If needed we will also conduct a makeup group/groups after school on a weekday at both locations.
  • ​Makeup Date only occur if classes are cancelled due to weather