Memorial Park Fall WEEKEND


Saturday ONLY
Group 1SaturdaySept. 10thOctober 1st4$80
Group 2SaturdayOctober 8thOctober 22nd3$60
Saturday AND Sunday


Group 1Sat/SunSept. 10thOctober 2nd8$136
Group 2Sat/SunOctober 8thOctober 23rd6$102


(719) 385-6023

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  • ​We will be doing at max 6:1 – Kid to Coach ratio on each court. Kids enjoy more personalized classes with their coach! This is a lower Kid: Coach ratio than almost every other junior group program. The standard ratio is 8:1 in the tennis industry, but we think it’s important to keep that number lower – so kids get the most out of the classes! It also still helps with the necessary safety measures that need to be taken! 
  • ​Price per class is lowered for the Saturday & Sunday groups! Better deal and more tennis for the kids!



Classes and Times

How to Register - Less than 5 Minutes!


2022 Junior Tennis!

Have your child learn a safe, life time sport at an affordable price compared to other sports!

Ages 5 - 17. No experience is required. We have classes for everyone! Tennis rackets are provided if needed.

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FALL 2022 Classes


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Junior Programs at Memorial Park

Find SITE location.

Once you're signed in - simply search "tennis" and then select which group you're looking for 

Fall Classes (2022)

Classes for ages 5 thru 17 at 2 locations. No experience required. Classes for all ages and abilities. Rackets provided if you don't have one.

Click on location (Memorial Park or John Venezia Park) to register and get more information on details, class times, etc.


Class A (Beginner level- Young children): 9 am - 9:45 am
Class B (Beginner/ Intermediate Level):  10 am - 11 am
Class C (Intermediate):
11:15 am - 12:15 pm
​Class D (Advanced) 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

**As has always been the case – these times and class descriptions are fluid. Ultimately, I make sure each child is placed in the appropriate class based on the kids that have registered. You’ll be notified of class times prior to the beginning of the groups.

​(719) 385-6023