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Memorial Park: Group 1

*Tues/ ThursJune 5thJune 28th8$120
SaturdaysJune 2ndJune 30th5$75

* Weekly Classes are held twice a week during the 4-weeks in June.

Memorial Park: Group 2

WEEKLYTues/ ThursJuly 10thAugust 2nd8$120
SATURDAYSaturdaysJuly 14thAugust 11th5$75


All Summer programs are now POSTED!

Class Details

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Summer Tennis Weekly Group 1

Starts: June 5th - Ends: June 28th

Days: Every Tuesday and Thursday

Classes: 8 - Cost: $120

Summer Tennis Sat. Group 1

Starts: June 2nd - Ends: June 30th

Classes: 5 - Cost: $75

Summer Tennis Weekly Group 2
​Starts:July 10th - Ends: August 2nd
Days: Every Tuesday and Thursday
Classes: 8 - Cost: $120

Summer Tennis Sat. Group 2
Starts:July 14th - Ends: August 11th
Classes: 5 - Cost: $75

Pick the classes from one of these:

- Yth Summer Tennis Weekly Jr

Group 1 - Memorial

- Yth Summer Tennis Saturday Jr Group 1 - Memorial

- Yth Summer Tennis Weekly Jr 
Group 2 - Memorial

- Yth Summer Tennis Saturday Jr Group 2 - Memorial


Summer Weekly and Saturday Classes POSTED

How to Register - Less than 5 Minutes!


Starting this year, registration is even easier! All you do is simply register for which site you'd like your child to take our tennis classes.

As soon as you've registered, you'll be contacted and your child will be placed in the appropriate class based on their age and playing experience!

We have a class for every age, and every skill level!

Summer Group Times

Class A: 8 am - 9 am

Class B: 9 am - 10 am

Class C: 10 am - 11 am

*Class D- 11 am - Noon

*Advanced Group. Children ages 11+. Lessons are for match play skills

*Times subject to change based on class size

Find SITE location.

Once you're signed in - simply search "tennis" and then select which group you're looking for (Spring or Summer)

All Summer Programs are now POSTED at Memorial Park!

Ages 5 - 15. No experience is required. We have classes for everyone! Tennis rackets are provided if needed.

All of our classes are designed to teach children the fundamentals of tennis! We teach in a fun, safe, no-pressure environment focusing on kids learning how to play tennis and have FUN!

You can register below online, or call Marc: (719) 385-6023 and pay by Credit Card over the phone.

Go to City Parks and Rec Page.

Click Here to be directed to the correct page. (Or register over the phone by calling Marc: (719) 385-6023



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