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RSVP through email.

An email will get sent in advance of each Meetup. Reply if you are going to attend.

Register Online or in person.

Can register online through the City Parks and Rec page HERE - just search "tennis" and click the Meetup - Or in person at Memorial Park.


(719) 385-6023

Meetup Group for 2019 starts in March!

Fun Stats about our 2019 Meetup Group



What you need to know......

Register for the Meetup Group.

Cost is $30 to join the Meetup Group for 2019. Once you've paid, it's free and you can attend as many Meetups as you want!

Upcoming Meetup Dates and Times



Schedule for Meetup coming in February!


All the Meetups will be at Memorial Park and will start at 6 pm

The Meetup group will begin in March of 2019! Only $30 to join the group for all of 2019! Email Marc@SpringsTennis.com to join!

The meetups are held at Memorial Park. We have every age and rating as part of the group, so there will always be someone for you to play with!

The Meetup group will meet once a week at Memorial Park. Meetups at Memorial Park will go until October, so there's plenty more of them to come! It’s one cost to join the Meetup and you can attend as many meetups as you'd like once you've registered. 

Come and have fun!

When you arrive for the Meetup, a court and your pairing will be all set. You check in and will be given a court number.