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OptionsWhat you GetCost
Option #1
Unlimited Matches and Practices. Can go to both Memorial Park AND Venezia Park Practices AND Matches. $230

- That’s up to 56 hours of tennis: $4 per/hour on the court!!

- 4 days of tennis each week!
Option #2Attend matches and practices at ONE location. You pick Memorial Park or Venezia Park.$180

- Or you get 8 practices and 6 matches overall. You pick when and where


Match Schedule

DAYS1st MatchLast MatchTIME
Memorial Park
MondaysJune 20thAugust 1st9 am
Venezia ParkFridaysJune 24thJuly 29th9 am

  • 6 Matches at EACH location. 12 matches overall between both sites.
  • No matches July 4th at Memorial Park

UPDATED: 4/8/2022

Online Registration is now OPEN for the HS Summer League- 2022!

Click Here



HS Summer League 2022!

Match Schedule

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- HS Summer League Tennis

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How to Register - Less than 5 Minutes!- Online Registration will be open soon!

Practice Schedule

DAYS1st PracticeLast PracticeTIME
Memorial Park
ThursdaysJune 16thAugust 4th9 am - 11 am
Venezia ParkTuesdaysJune 14thAugust 2nd9 am - 11 am

  • 8 Total Practices held at EACH location. 16 practices overall between both Sites!


For HS aged players – this is the best program in town! We have multiple playing options and sites where kids can practice and play matches all summer long! Our HS Summer League is going to be flexible and FUN with the matches – allowing kids to gain the best experience possible! The program is for ANY HS age player (13 – 18) and ANY skill level. 

Our “HS Summer League” will be an 8-week program. There will be practices and matches each week! 


(719) 385-6023


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