Pay when you arrive.

Check in at the pro shop when you arrive and pay $15 in cash, check or credit card. (Unless you have a loyalty card, then you just start hitting!)

Email Marc@SpringsTennis.com to get on the drill email list and receive all emails regarding Adult Drills and the upcoming schedule for every week! 

They are $15 (cash, check, or credit card) for an hour-and-a-half. Drills are high energy classes with the purpose of getting you to hit as many balls as possible in an hour-and-half! Lots of live ball, feed-in games. You'll work on every shot (including your serve) in each drill.

*NEW* Beginner Adult drills have begun! We'll have one of them a week at 6 pm at Memorial Park (Venezia Park later in the summer). Will be $15 for an hour class. Get on this specific email list if you're interested: Marc@SpringsTennis.com

Confirmation Email sent to you.

You will get an email confirming your spot in the drill. Capped at the first 8 people who respond to get on any given list for that week.

Adult Drills have started!

Reply to the email blast to sign up.

If you decide you want to attend one of the drills that week, simply reply to the email saying which list you want to get on.




Get on the drill email blast.

An email is sent out each Monday morning with what drills will be offered for the upcoming week.

Email: Marc@SpringsTennis.com

You can purchase a loyalty card for those of you who plan on attending drills regularly throughout the year.

Cost: $100 for 8 drills ($20 Value!). With each drill costing $15, the loyalty card means you get more than a full drill for free!

Signup: You can pay with credit card, cash or check directly at Memorial when you attend a drill.

There were over 100 drills conducted in 2017 - so there are a TON of opportunities to get the 8 drills completed!

NOTE: Remaining drills don't transfer to the following year. You must use them in 2018

Drill Schedule



Drills are held typically held at 6 pm two nights a week. And then there is usually two morning drills - one during the week and one on Saturday morning, ALL at Memorial Park.

Drill schedules can change - YOU MUST get on the drill email blast to be kept up-to-date. No commitment. Just ensures you receive the email on Monday mornings.

What you need to know.......


Loyalty Card 2018



(719) 385-6023