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  • Maximum of 5 kids per court and 1 coach: 6 total people
  • We will only be doing junior programs at Memorial Park and John Venezia Park this summer. This is to ensure we are able to keep our facilities safe. It will be much easier for us to do that with just two locations. We will be back to 4 or 5 locations next year though! Please do your best to understand why we must do this for 2020 – and I know it may require further distances to drive.
  • Only the coach will touch the tennis balls
  • Picking up ball policy: Ball tubes will be placed on each court. Volunteer parents are encouraged to help if they would like. Or, kids will use the ball tubes and they will be sanitized after every use.
  • No high-fives or physical interactions with the kids.
  • No snacks provided after lessons as is accustomed.
  • There will be a 15-minute break in-between each class to give enough time for one class and kids to leave the courts, before the next class begins.
  • Parents and kids need to stay parked in their car until the previous class has completely left the facility.
  • Parents will need to practice social distancing – preferably to stay in their car during the classes.
  • Targets will be placed on the ground next to the fences for kids to place their water bottle, bags, etc. Targets will be placed 6 feet apart.
  • No “live ball” hitting by the kids. Balls only fed by the coach. Eliminating kids touching the balls.
  • We will no longer teach kids how to serve during our lessons. That requires kids to touch the tennis balls, so for now that will not be part of our lessons.
  • Coaches will be very stern about the kids following the rules. If a child continuously doesn’t cooperate, that child may be asked to withdraw from the class based on the coaches discretion.