Until we figure out a safe way to run the Play Days, they aren't currently being offered in 2020.

Purchase a Play Day Punch Card.

Click HERE to purchase a punch card. You can get a 5 ($35) or a 3 ($25) Play day punch card. You can attend at ALL FOUR locations!

RSVP for ANY Play Day.

Once you've registered, you can RSVP for ANY of the 11 Play days we'll be hosting in 2018.

Junior Play Days not currently offered in 2020

If your child is looking to build on the instruction they've recieved, and wants to start taking the next step in tennis - Play Days are PERFECT for them!

It's a way for kids ages 7 - 14 to start playing matches and feel like they are advancing in their tennis progression. But, without the costs and membership associated with tournaments. This is to make tennis FUN for them!

Unlike other programs or tournaments, coaches will be on the court helping out, making sure the kids are having a good time!




We will use a fun, dynamic format for the kids to play! You DON’T have to be enrolled in any of our programs to come to a Play Day! They are for ANY kids in town!

There will be multiple “matches” being played simultaneously, with the kids rotating and being able to play singles, doubles, and also cheering on the other children.



(719) 385-6023

For any children ages 7 – 14, we will hold kids “Play Days” this summer at four different city locations!

Kids will get an opportunity to learn how to start playing real tennis matches, or for more advanced kids, continue progressing and playing competitive matches (i.e. keeping score, serving, returning serves, etc)! Kids will be paired with similiar skill levels and kids with the same experience as theirs. Please contact Marc@SpringsTennis.com with questions!

We will create a FUN, no pressure environment for the kids who attend. Coaches will be present on all the courts and if parents would like, they are encouraged to also be on the courts helping out and learning right along with their children – or they can just drop their kids off and pick them up in an hour!

How Play Days Work- Can use Card at ALL Locations!


Watch or Particpate.

Parents can even come on the court and help if they want. Kids will play simulated matches for an hour at each play day!

Drop Child off at the Play Day.

You show up to the location and a coach will be there ready to begin the fun! Kids will get a warmup and then coaches will start their matches!

Play Day 2020 Update

Why should my child participate in Play Days?